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Innovative Thinking - Sustainable Communities through Joint Commitments

Innovative Thinking was a project in which communities in seven countries in the EU worked together to achieve joint commitments within the communities for sustainable development through energy efficiency and switching to renewable energy. The project went on between December 2006 and June 2009 and was supported by Intelligent Energy Europe. On this website you can find information regarding the project and its results.



Lessons learnt - with booklet available for download

Download the Final Report and documentation of the project's deliverables

Documentation from the Final Conference of Innovative Thinking

Energy status tool

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Summary of the Project Concept

This project focused on the process and on making a joint commitment in the community, in order to establish long-term sustainable development of the community towards an energy efficient and renewable energy (including transport) dedicated community striving towards reduced dependence on fossil fuels. Building a sustainable future needs involvement of both politicians and decision-makers, as well as community market actors, utilities, key energy users in the community, concultants etc. Thus involving all these people necessarily needs a focus on the process and a process like this takes time. The aim of the project was to establish and implement an action plan in each community as a joint agreed document with key community stakeholders, such as utilities, buildings owners, transport companies, the municipal/district council and NGOs, as well as politically accepted in the community. This included concrete actions, such as investment plans, as well as plans and actions for information and training. The strategy documents and action plans that were agreed upon, were based on the actual RES/RUE status and possibilities per participating community.


Group photo WP 4 - Tanum 20 May 2008

Participants of the project and politicians from the participating communities at the conference for European exchange between decision-makers in Tanum, Sweden, 19 - 20th of May 2008.


Participants of the Project